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A Bit About Me

My Career

Hi! I’m Natalie from NatMarshPT. 

I am a Personal trainer and a Sports Performance Coach. 

I work with Men and Women and I have been working in the industry since 2015. In these years I have built my knowledge and experience to the point where I can help people in many different ways.

Gaining a level 3 GP referral qualification means that I can work with more people that have conditions that restrict them in usual fitness pathways. I can work closely with your GP or other health professional to get you improving your lifestyle and elongating your life expectancy.

I have qualifications in lots of different areas of training including kettlebells and suspension training so I have a lot of strings to the bow to keep your training relevant, interesting and fun.

I have studied Nutrition which enables me to coach you to make changes in general nutrition, if you are pregnant or recently had a baby and nutrition for sport and exercise. This can be a major factor in achieving the best out of yourself and the whole package gets better results than just looking at one factor.

My biggest achievement to date is winning a Strength and Conditioning Education award “New to the Game” 2020. I am developing my knowledge in Strength and Conditioning in regards to training Elite athletes. This passion is brought about by my history of being a young athlete and competing in most events but specialising in High Jump and hurdles. Using this experience will help you in your chosen sport to develop your ability to perform. 

I thoroughly enjoy working with people to achieve their goals and my work is entirely client focused. I will take into account your current lifestyle, your work commitments, family commitments and slowly we work together to change things that will stick. I pride myself on not doing quick fixes but allowing you to see how to change and then implementing that change that will last forever. 

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